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And so I’m positive everyone knows that lesbian slang is every where but sometimes it just gets truly confusing with many new conditions arriving out of every way. A lot of them are really easy to guess and go with the stream but often we run across anything therefore straightforward that I just aren’t getting it. For this reason i’m starting our Lesbian Glossary and beginning¬†a phrase that not too long ago¬†travelled right over my personal head,



Last week my (lesbian) pal ended up being supposed to fulfill me personally for lunch and she winds up turning up practically a half hour later, why I waited I am not sure, but that’s perhaps not the idea. So she will get here in every her magnificence once I ask her why she is late she informs me that she forgot about lunch because she had been getting some “funch”.

I found myself stumped but made an effort to keep my personal cool, exactly what the hell is funch? Well after my personal extremely substantial research (Google) At long last discovered this fantastic phrase. Autostraddle.com defines it, “a simple intimate encounter carried out at lunchtime.” so basically my buddy ditched me personally for a quickie.

Metropolitan Dictionary defines funch since, “in accordance with Rawson’s dictionary of euphemisms, funch is having gender at lunchtime.”

Do you want to meet for funch these days?

In my opinion “funch” could probably be made use of as a term for just about any intimate positioning nevertheless appears to weigh greatly during the lesbian forums. Features anybody else have you ever heard of the phrase? Does anyone for the real-world (besides my good friend) in fact get funch.

I am usually therefore interested in learning how terms and conditions and words increase and become. Basically previously recognise any peculiar slang terms for lesbians I’ll positively let you know, unless i am crazy and everyone but me provides heard about funch. That’s unfortunately, a very strong possibility seeing as i am an out of loop, Netflix hermit.